What We Do

The School Counselors for CEMS for the 2018-2019 school year are Ms. Sturgeon & Ms. Bouffard Royal.   Working with students in grades 5 & 6 will be Ms. Royal, while Ms. Sturgeon will be responsible for students in grades 7 & 8.  Classroom lessons will be presented to each grade level, and the classroom curriculum will focus on bully prevention, peer relationships, goal setting and career exploration.

The School Counselors will be facilitating lunch groups this year, and each child has the opportunity to sign up for a group. Parent and teacher referrals are also appreciated. Students may be in a group because a fellow student has identified them as a positive peer. Groups will meet once a week for approximately six weeks. The School Counselors will do their best to include as many students as possible during the school year.

Ms. Sturgeon & Ms. Royal will also meet with individuals on an as-needed and/or regular basis to ensure each student's experience at CEMS is positive.

Furthermore, both counselors are able to recommend resources in the community, which may benefit a family in a time of need. Parents are invited to contact the Counseling Department with any academic concerns (i.e. scheduling, standardized testing, private school applications) or any questions about their child's progress and well-being.